Michelle Reale

This is both an intellectual and emotional labor of love.  I am committed to social justice in all of its forms.  I travel to Sicily frequently while immersing myself in the realities of the refugees and immigrants who try to rebuild their lives there.  I am an Assistant Professor  at Arcadia University in the suburbs of Philadelphia.   I chronicle lives and situations.  I am an Italian-American.  I write things.  I dream.  I am kind.  I am quiet.  I am a disciple of Paulo Freire.  I love theory.  I love practice.  I like to live the life of the mind.  Occasionally I sit in the sun.  But not very often.  I hate loud noises.  I like to communicate. Write to me. Tell me your thoughts.

16 thoughts on “Michelle Reale

  1. Greetings from The Human Tsunami!

    Thank you so much for following my blog. I hope it will be an informative resource for your work! Thanks again!


    The Human Tsunami

  2. lee laurino says:

    is there an email i can leave you some questions on? in the event there is not, i shall leave a short outline here.
    i am working on a project about Italian Americans and wonder if you might answer the short initial survey when it is ready this month?

    i was facinated by your article. i grew up in NJ, not much different than Philly but we were more spread out, not an Italian neighborhood. but your article said immigrants were arriving in the 70’s, i dont remember ANY ITALIANS in our area and the school was over 1200 students. We are also from southern italy, campaign.

    I hope you will have time to participate, i think your insight will be very valuable.
    lee laurino. http://www.hometoitaly.com

  3. champagne says:

    Thank you and grazie mille for linking my blog on your incredible journal!!

  4. That means a lot to me. Thanks so much!

  5. Teresa says:

    You claim that the Northern EU countries are not taking any refugees? How can you be so ill-informed? Most of the Syrians want to come to Sweden and thats what most of them do, in one film the refugees say themselves that they want to go to Sweden. Did you know that during the Iraq-war one small town in Sweden took more Iraqi refugees than all of the USA in a year? It is a fact that no other EU-country takes as many refugees as Sweden, despite having much larger own population. Every EU-country ought to take their own share, and why not the USA, too? Why did the US not take more Iraqi refugees after causing the war there?

  6. Line says:

    Norwegian journalist calling, would like to come in contact with u!

  7. Laila says:

    Hi, Michelle. I am a freelance journalist and I would like to get in contact with you for some information. Can you reply to my e-mail so that I can send you my number? Or send me yours and I will call you. I am in Sicily.

  8. peterstory says:

    I deeply respect your dedication. Right now I’m in a project together with a Sicilian organisation who works with refugees (they are called Accoglierete, in Syracuse).You might like to have a look on the project website http://www.rsrc.eu and our Facebook group. I am disseminating your blog, so keep on writing!

  9. sierra says:

    Thank you so much for your work! I’m curious what your degree is in. I’m an undergrad right now and I want to study migration from a more human perspective… perhaps through sociology… and teach people about the experiences of migrants in a way that might help them empathize. What would your recommend in terms of a major if I want to study/tell the stories of migrants and refugees in europe?
    I”m also an artist and make work that challenges some of our more programmed though patterns. Take a look if you’re interested. It’s attached.

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