Laura Boldrini: “This Chamber Will Have to Listen to the Social Suffering of an Entire Generation.


Let’s sing the praises of women who act with both mind and heart in concert.

I have previously blogged about Giusi Nicolini, smart and compassionate mayor of Lampedusa and now we have Laura Boldrini , former spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees  has been elected to Italian Parliament  ( the lower chamber) as part of the Left, Ecology and Freedom party.


Laura Boldrini

Boldrini cares about the distortions of immigration and migration in the Italian media, realizing, astutely, how what is reported throws fuel on the fire of hatred, discrimination and influences public opinion, which, in turn, can influence policy—and not for the better.   Boldrini opposes the current trend of thinking of migration as a security issue, further criminalizing the crossing of borders.


She has stated,” . . . but the Italian media has never gone beyond the old cliché, they have not updated their way of speaking about this phenomenon, they have not challenged either in terms of language (which is always poor, simplistic, belittling) or in terms of content.  Immigration is thus seen almost exclusively in relation to the facts of crime, judgment and landings.” Boldrini correctly believes that the current media stance does not allow us to “ contextualize migration flows as the human aspect of globalization, which allows for an exchange of opportunities.”

Boldrini has thanked Giorgio Napolitano, the President of the Republic, calling him a “rigorous protector of national unity and constitutional values,” and plans to follow suit: to act “in such a way that this institution will be a place for those citizens who need it most,” given her attention to “those who have lost hope and security.”  She vows, to “battle against poverty, not against the poor.”

Finally, Boldrini has spoken in the strongest terms for the reform of the Bossi-Fini Immigration and the Security Law.   Boldrini is not an armchair activist.  She does not sentimentalize the condition of those whose lives’ she seeks to improve.  She understands how langue shapes our perception of reality.  She understands that the Bossi-Fini Immigration law does nothing to integrate immigrants into society, but instead, often leaves them feeling as guests, who, sooner or later, will surely overstay their welcome.


Boldrini, in the lower chamber, will assuredly be working diligently to change things or exhaust herself trying.

Finally, some hope.



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