Diana Mirea, Immigrata Romena in Sicilia: La Lotta Contro Tanti Pregiudizi

Diana Mirea, gives a first-person account of her life as a Romanian immigrant living in Sicily, and fighting to survive against many different kinds of prejudice and discrimination.

I came to Italy in 1997 as a handball coach for La Polisport Siracusa Seria A1 (  a top league for women’s handball ), I ended up playing also, even though I was a bit old , but to make sure they payed me , I had to play all the games because we needed players.

Diana Mirea

When I left this field , I was so shocked  when I decided to stay and live in Siracusa, Sicily.  I could not find   find a job to satisfy  my university title.   I have a degree in economy and society managing.  People kept  offering me jobs as a house maid job  and  a cleaner ,  but  nothing else was offered .  They would   only look at my citizenship  not at my CV.  Once they would they meet me in person, then they would just want to go to bed with me.  I am tall and blond and even though I am 51 years old, men here are only interested in getting in my bed or taking me in theirs.

Sometimes I want to scream.   I want to say to every body :  please read my CV! I want a job ! I don’t want to be the “baby” of  the man in charge. . .

I have suffered enough here, for sure.    I love siracusa , I love sicily , and  I have many good friends , but as an immigrant I suffer, as a single women I suffer. As a Romanian I am not appreciated . My son Robert came here with me to Sicily and went to Italian school.  He  went back to Bucarest to work after earning  his diploma here.  Now, back at home in Romania where life is easier for him.  He goes to university and has a job, he is enjoying his life , he is doing well, and that  make me feel better.

I can go back home to and have a great life. . . but that would mean , that I failed, that  I failed in making my way , in affirming my stay here. . .  so I accept the challenge and I will stay to fight for the next generation of good Romanians . . . I know very well that there are Romanians doing bad things here, but this does not mean that we area all the same! And it doesn’t mean that we don’t deserve to live in peace and with dignity. . .

I have noticed that people don’t want to give a chance to others only for one reason…  they want to dominate us . . . to keep people like us  under their wing … and  all of this reminds me of  the regime that we had in Romania .

When I ran away from the life I had and from my husband, I knew what I wanted, but I feel left all on my own by those who call themselves “ethical,” who think they do things to help other people.  But , you know what?  I am a winner, because I will never accept a compromise.

I want to try to restart my life, investing all my knowledge and experience do great things.  I want to really be able to feel at home. . . not a house, but to feel wanted.  I also want to help people who are in need.   I know very well that I can help people where I am here in Sicily .  But I need a chance.  Only a chance.














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9 thoughts on “Diana Mirea, Immigrata Romena in Sicilia: La Lotta Contro Tanti Pregiudizi

  1. kathleen says:

    Powerful. I think you have given her a bit of a “chance” here.

  2. kathleen says:

    Powerful story. I am impressed with your honesty and courage very much.

  3. Diana is strong and smart. The perfect combination! Thank you for your comments, Kathleen!

  4. I understand what you’re saying, Diana. I’m English and I’ve livind in Sicily for 8 years. I have a Sicilian husband but I still feel marginalised and excluded so often.
    Recently I have realised that it isn’t just because we are foreigners – the Sicilians are the same to other Sicilians who come from another town just ten miles away. Lots of them marry their own cousins, for goodness sake! That should be enough to tell us how inward looking they are.
    I’ve tried looking for good jobs here and it’s impossible. But again, I don’t think that is only because they are prejudiced against us specifically. They only give good jobs to their own cousins, or wives, or brothers. They would never do a “favour” like that to an outsider like us, because they only help people who are in a position to offer them some other favour in return.
    How depressing!

  5. diana says:

    yes, i completely agree with you. i’d like meet you.

  6. I would love for Diana and The Sicilian Housewife to have a conversation with one another—-and I would love to post it. You both have similar experiences , though in different circumstances—so many commonalities! If you would like to do thuis, please contact me and let me know!

  7. Michelle, your idea sounds very interesting. I would love to meet Diana for a good talk! You can email me at veronica [dot] digrigoli @ gmail [dot] com

  8. Wonderful! I will e-mail you today!

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